as told by Cass Sylvania (may not be 100% what happened)

Bowling was formed in November of 2022 when Cass Sylvania was writing a song. His friend Jimmy Scrivets overheard the song that Cass was writing and proposed the idea of a band. Cass delightedly accepted and so they worked on the song together.
The band was originally named "Crash Stinks" with Cass on the Guitar, Bass Guitar & Vocals and Jimmy on the Keyboard, Lead Guitar (they used programmed drums or drum loops).
The song that they wrote originally was finished in December of 2022 and was named "Santa Claus Is Coming After You" (soon to have an official release).

Jimmy and Cass soon invited their friend Frank to join the band as acoustic guitarist. and recorded more songs together that would eventually go on their self titled album.
All 3 of them then decided to rename the band by throwing out names and eliminating them and then spinning a wheel with a remaining 5 names on it. Unsurprisingly the name Bowling was chosen by the gods of fate (which was a name that Frank said)

After finishing the recording of their self titled album, the members decided to remove of the vocal tracks from each of their songs and name them all "Track (# of track)" due to them either not liking how they turned out or just embarrassment.
While getting ready to release their self titled album, the trio decided to have all of their last names as Bowling (and for some odd reason Frank being named Frank (2) Bowling).
Then on December 18th 2022, bowling (the album), their self titled album with 6 juicy tracks was released on their record label's bandcamp along with their own!

As of after the self titled albums release, the trio decided to take a break for a while, and that is where our story concludes so far.